Want to transform your vision into a thriving, authentic, profitable business and need the support of someone who can see what others can’t?

You can call me a business coach, seer, mentor, teacher, business angel or guide, or some don’t know how to describe what I do.

I literally see into you and your business to identify key strategies for success and how to avoid costly mistakes. Imagine having an MRI scan on your business? It would highlight the blocks causing current issues, potential obstacles and what is working. I can do this for you and provide the tools to navigate from where you are now to where you want to be.


If you are ready to have business go from ok to great but don’t know how to:


Magnetize Your Ideal Client

Increase Revenue

Shift Current Challenges

Create a Unique Business Platform aligned with Heart and Abundance


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How I Can Help You

For Start-Ups

For Established Businesses

I'm a start-up & want to know how to transform my business into a thriving success...

Starting a business is scary and exciting… so many “what if’s”?

You need insights into strengths and hidden opportunities. You need a Business Coach that sees what the others can’t.

I have an established business that's flat-lined. I need help to navigate from lack to flow...

You know your business but want more from it. Implement new creativity – strategies that will attract new clients & boost your revenue.

I have ideas that I action, but then i think, "What if this doesn't work? Maybe i should do THAT instead? Why am I bothering?"

Imagine having your own Clairvoyant to turn to. Someone who can see how the current struggle is impacting on your and your business. Someone who can go straight to the solutions to transform challenges into a thriving success.

For Spiritually-Minded Individuals

I need to dive deep into my abilities - What am I missing?

Always giving and never receiving can lead to static on the line of intuition.
Sometimes, you will need some external help to redirect your energy back to self. Open the energy circuits to heightened abilities, welcome new directions and let yourself receive.

For Lightworkers and heart-based practitioners who need to receive the guidance and messages from higher divine universal intelligence.

Kim Has Been Featured In The Following Publications

Living Now Magazine
Mindful Parenting Magazine
ERA Magazine

Free Online Resources

Holistic Abundance Attractor Library

You will find this channel is for coaches, practitioners, designers/creatives who want to transform their vision of inspiration into a thriving, profitable business that will light up the soul and bring joy to many.

You will find a collection of how-to tutorials, exercises and meditations that go deep within to heal unconscious traumas; overcome self-sabotaging behaviour and activate the sixth sense—your divine connection and tool for business success.

Use this channel as a toolkit to master the inner world so that your outer existence flows with ease and grace.

You are the creator of your life and behind you is the infinite power of the Divine, Cosmic Universe. Stop self-doubting and start sharing the valuable asset that you have to offer.

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What My Clients Have To Say

“I worked with Kim to explore creative options and ideas for my company. Within the first few minutes of my consultation with Kim, I was immediately at ease and eager to explore what paths my business would take.

Kim gently, yet intently lasers in on what makes you tick and how to utilise your strengths and natural aspirations to ensure your business reflects your true personal goals.

Expect to deep dive into your ‘why’ and surface with a clear understanding of what next steps to take.

Make sure to take notes and record your sessions as later reflections will highlight even more viewpoints and ways of seeing.
The sessions are explorative, enlightening, and left me feeling creative and inspired.”

Eleni Mitakos

Owner of Galmatic

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