Do you have an idea that you know will be a winner if you only knew how to implement it in the world?
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If you are looking for higher guidance to reveal hidden opportunities, better understand current challenges and transform ideas and goals into a practical strategy for success, you cannot miss the 360 Degree Perspective

360° Degree Perspective Strategy Success Session

You & Your Business

Business is the physical creation of a deeper need for independence, freedom, expression, security and how you relate to the world

Together, we will look at the practicality of how to implement the success that is aligned with authenticity and your uniqueness.

I use my clairvoyance to deep dive into you and business to receive

  • Current challenges
  • Solutions to accelerate current productivity, client magnetism, creative flow and momentum
  • Personal attributes that are underutilized as a business owner
  • Energetic alignment between you and the business and if this needs an adjustment or enhancement to propel further success
  • Professional Dreams/ Ambitions and how to practically approach this in real time to create positive results


The 360º Degree Perspective

The 360º Degree Perspective incorporates specific energy techniques to enhance the results.

The techniques provided will be specifically designed for you to accelerate the changes and implement the key strategies for business. It is necessary to implement the business alchemy approach to reach the core and heart of the business. The core encompasses the foundation, clarity, heart and practicality that allows the elements for success to be aligned in accordance with the divine intelligence or source of all creation.

What you will receive:

  • A comprehensive strategy to ignite your business idea and reach that goal
  • Guidance with longer term goals and the implementation of ideas that will lead to long term thrivability
  • Business Alchemy techniques to aid with a smooth transition on every level. Eliminating, doubt, increasing self-trust & alignment with your divine core and source of all creation
  • Bonus Business Boost Access – Check in within 2 weeks of the consult. To make sure you are on your way with goals and strategies.

As Eleni discovered:


“I worked with Kim to explore creative options and ideas for my company. Within the first few minutes of my consultation with Kim, I was immediately at ease and eager to explore what paths my session would take.

Kim gently guides you through past decisions and choices and helps you delve into the reasons for those choices. She gently, yet intently lasers in on what makes you tick and how to utilise your strengths and natural aspirations to ensure your business reflects your true personal goals.

Expect to deep dive into your ‘why’ and surface with a clear understanding of what next steps to take. Make sure to take notes and record your sessions as later reflections will highlight even more viewpoints and ways of seeing. The sessions are explorative, enlightening, and left me feeling creative and inspired”

Eleni Mitakos

Owner - Galmatic

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