Kim Platzer

About Kim

International Author, Clairvoyant, Teacher,
Co-Owner – The College of Intuition,
Owner – The Business Success Clairvoyant

Kim Platzer is the clairvoyant behind The Business Success Clairvoyant. Her guidance and know-how often leave clients trying to work out what category to put her in; coach, clairvoyant, the voice of wisdom or psychologist are some of the descriptions that have been used to describe what Kim does.

Kim has always been a clairvoyant, which means – clear sight. It is an ability to see beyond the physical. Kim describes it as “like an animal that can see and sense what many humans cannot. That is what I do.” To truly master this ability required training. Kim began this training at the age of 19 and attended weekly classes in spiritual development, energy studies and altered states of consciousness for three dedicated years.

In truth, Kim has never ceased training and adapting her ability which is why such experience is invaluable for anyone seeking guidance, strategies and understanding in life or business.

Formal training includes Medical Intuition – seeing the causes of illness and how or if there is a solution to lead the body back to balance; Hypnosis; business and marketing.

It was Kim’s parents that inspired her to be in business. As a young child helping in their restaurant, Kim gained a crash course in hard work; if you get it wrong, it can be costly. When business is in your blood, the desire to be independent, express your authentic self and utilize knowledge and expertise, there is no option but to go forth and do what you love, roll with the challenges, and embrace the wins.

The Business Success Clairvoyant is the best of 25 years of experience working as a clairvoyant, teacher, and business owner.

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