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Coaches, Practitioners & Creatives - This is for You

Most coaches can only work with what you show them.
Kim looks at you from a Clairvoyant view – seeing the deeper unconscious side which is blended with the co-creation of divine intelligence.

Breakthrough Business Coaching

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Consists of three months of business coaching to receive your blueprint for a thriving authentic business.

I will work with you holistically to create a blueprint for a business that is aligned with your authenticity.

The Breakthrough Coaching Package Includes:

⇒ x3, 1:1 Personal sessions

⇒ Access to help when you need it by phone or email

⇒ Weekly reminders of your goals and steps to achieving success

⇒ Recording of the sessions

⇒ MP3 download of exercises to shift limitations and reconnect to your intuitive intelligence

⇒ Strategy blueprint for life and business abundance

Aligning yourself with your business

Coaches, Practitioners & Creatives

You are a unique individual who has chosen to shine your light to help others see the light within themselves.

What led to following the pathway of helping others may have stemmed from life experiences that led to letting go of what was “weighing you down”.

On the path of personal transformation, you realised “I have some great abilities and gifts that I can share with others”. This inspiration paved the way forward to create a business based on a deeply personal calling.

the pathway forward

The Unexpected?

Stepping into a world filled with competition, practical requirements, a sea of templates and various methods promising an effort-free, multi-figure $$$ business can be daunting. Where do you begin?

Perhaps you have attempted the multitude of ways to attract clients, raise revenue and implement methods such as complex funnels.

Some techniques may have worked short term; while most leave you exhausted, confused, and disheartened. Losing the authenticity of what you genuinely wanted to achieve.

what now?

Find Your Inner Template for Real-World Success

Stop searching for the right template and become the master of your business.

Everything about you and your business is unique. That is why there will never be an off-the-shelf business or marketing template that holds the key to your success. Your uniqueness and your authentic self IS your template for success. How can you ever be your authentic self if you walk in someone else’s footsteps?

Allow Kim to guide you to discover your authentic self, your limitless creativity that is your inner template to success on all levels of your life and business.

Understanding the power, success, and creator behind the business is you, will propel new opportunities, create meaningful strategies, and open the doorway to personal freedom. Free to express your authentic nature, magnetizing those to you that want to shine their light just as you have done.

The personal and financial security you desire will pave the way for a genuine approach to business that aligns with your soul’s calling.

“Save time and money on what may take other coaches weeks to unravel”

the pathway forward

Work With Kim Platzer

For over two decades Kim Platzer has worked with the person behind the business. Naturally attracting heart-centred individuals assisting to explore their talents and live their dream of becoming a business owner with a difference.

Kim uses the innate gift of “inner sight” to literally see who you are on a deep level. This may take many other coaches weeks or months to achieve. Revealing the person behind the business displays a wealth of information that yields
positive and rapid results in life and business.

Providing key techniques and personalized training to reconnect the individual with their empowerment. Demonstrating how to manifest and bring forward opportunities into the physical world.

“Starting a business is scary and exciting… so many what-ifs?
You need insights into strengths and hidden opportunities.
You need a Business Coach that sees what the others can’t”

As Eleni Discovered:


“Where other coaches may get out the post-it notes and help you ‘take a look’ at your business, Kim blends her intuitive skills with her astute attention to what makes you tick and discovers a concise business path with pinpoint accuracy. She finds the “you” in your business”

Eleni Mitakos

Owner - Galmatic

put the "you" in your business

Breakthrough Sessions

  • Reveal the hidden strengths, gifts and soul purpose for business
  • Shift limitations to receive emotional and mental freedom
  • Align with higher intuitive intelligence for a consistent flow of abundance
  • Reveal a unique strategy for the business that will be in flow with your soul and heart
  • Magnetize your ideal client

Allow Kim to Uncover “Your” Business Template

Benefits of Working With Kim

Discover your unique marketing template for success

Understand the specific business strategies and marketing techniques that will naturally give you the prosperity you desire.

Access infinite Creativity

Allow your intuition and creativity to guide you to make decisions that inspire actions that attract a consistent flow of personal and financial abundance.

Unmovable Motivation

 A deep sense of knowing yourself and your creative vision that powers you through the ups and downs of life and business.


Confidence Through Clarity

When you connect to your authentic self and clarify your creative business vision and how you wish to help others, you eliminate any “I’m not good enough” mental sabotaging and step into the limelight to fearlessly speak your truth.

Rediscover your personal power

Become lighter and more aligned with your authentic self by letting go of limiting thoughts, beliefs and healing aspects of your life that have been holding you back.

Where to Allow me to show you how to manifest your business vision into real-world results!

Apply for One-on-One Breakthrough Business Coaching

This is a personalised mentoring package that consists of three months of coaching, whereby I will work with you holistically to create a blueprint for a business that is aligned with your authenticity.

To get started, click the “Apply Now”  button below and complete the “Breakthrough Business Success Call” online form – simple questions that will identify where you are at in the business and what you truly want to achieve.

Within 48 hours Kim will contact you to book a time to receive a Zoom call where Kim will discuss how she can best assist you, including identifying core strengths and limitations.

It is up to you if you want to continue working with Kim to transform your business into a thriving success.

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