Sacred spaces hold energy that is beyond the ordinary allowing you to heal, create and receive the divine assistance that is so often needed.

A sacred space feels different to any other part of the home. Others may refrain from entering or commenting on the space’s vibe without knowing that what has taken place is a conscious act of divine union.

What makes this space special? You. This area, room, or garden holds a conscious effort to invoke divinity. It doesn’t matter if you are working with a particular deity, angel or solely for yourself. It is a culmination of thought, heart and active participation that sparks the energy of this space.

You can use the energy to release the old and bring in the new, heal the body, formulate a guide map or just be in the silence and presence of this great space. I use my sacred space for reflection, contemplation, creation of what I want to bring into the world, but most of all, as a reminder that I am spirit with all the tools I need to have a peaceful, prosperous life.