Heal to Abundance

Transform the fatigue, stagnation and lack of thrivability into an abundant business that is aligned with your heart and soul
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Creatives, Coaches and Practitioners

For the creator, the inspiration, the energy behind the business, you.

Healing to Abundance

Signs you need to heal to abundance

  • Fear of being seen, resulting in being the best kept secret
  • Feeling drained, overwhelmed when working with clients
  • Avoiding business growth due to thoughts of what could go wrong
  • Failing to attract the clients that are aligned with what you offer
  • Constantly comparing yourself against others, leading to a lack of authenticity
  • Creatively drained
  • Second guessing yourself rather than going with intuition
  • Loss of momentum or flow
  • Repetitive patterns of lack with money, business success or being burned by others
  • Wanting a balance of body, mind, heart and soul but fearing this may cause too many changes or unpredictability in life
  • Adapting to the needs of others while sacrificing your own

The wealth of information revealed is the foundation for healing: mind, body, emotions and soul.

Align with Abundance

You are an intricate, multi-faceted individual with the power to create anything

There are many layers to your being that exist beyond the mind, emotions, and physicality. It is not enough to work on one layer. To truly alter the pain, lack and patterns in life, it is crucial to shift the unconscious parts that make up your entire being.

Heal to Abundance goes deeper into the core of your being. It is releasing unconscious limitations that manifest as negative thoughts, overwhelming emotions, even physical pain. Together, you and Kim will navigate a way of being that transcends current limitations. It opens the path of abundant joy, peace, security, self-worth, and trust resulting in heightened clarity, deeper insights, synchronicity, and Abundance.

Align with Abundance

You cannot do this alone

Kim’s clairvoyant ability of sight, seeing what is beyond the physical, including time and space. It is how clairvoyance can see into past, present and future. There are no boundaries. This ability, along with 20 years of experience with the art of healing, allows Kim to co-create a more profound, lasting transformation with you.

Align with Abundance

What does Kim do during a session?

Kim views your surrounding energy, which reveals what is happening internally. The energy system never lies. It is the truth of our being; even with a smile on the face and open body language, the energy can reveal the opposite. For someone suffering from self-doubt, overwhelming thoughts, physical ill health or beliefs that misalign with the soul, the impact affects business flow, including success and personal wellbeing.

Align with Abundance

What to experience during and after a healing?

Profound realisations come to the surface, allowing you to mentally process how the impact is currently affecting prosperity. Often, this is followed by a deep release of emotions and or physical sensations surfacing, confirming that your true self is waking up.

Receive an increase with:

      • Flow of creativity
      • Positive health
      • Fruitful relationships
      • Growth mindset
      • Emotional balance
      • Client magnetism
      • Clear intuition

Let someone who can SEE all the layers of you reveal your unique path and facilitate the healing to abundance


The Mind

The mind draws correlations to aspects previously forgotten or not consciously recognized as important. It is not uncommon to want to analyse what has been discussed and felt as that part of rational thought is attempting to work it all out.

Emotional Release

Emotional release may take the form of grief. This is a human trait when we realise how much lack of trust, security, fear has been dominating life especially if the mind wants to focus on past events and people that have contributed to where we are today. It is not uncommon to feel; anger, sadness, guilt, regret, blame, yearning or even relieved.

The Physical Body

Physical body sensations such as, health issues areas of the body that are prone to weakness are part of you and not separate from your energy system. Some clients have received heightened sensations in areas of the body that are lacking energy this may exacerbate current health issues. Often this is short lived, and the techniques provided will enable the body to come back to balance, even alleviating or eliminating the weakness within the body.

The Sensory Body

Sensory body will be ignited with the shifting of thought, emotion, heart and soul. It is not uncommon for people to experience feelings that have been dismissed or stifled in the past. For example, seeing colours as brighter, a stronger sense of taste or smell a yearning to change foods, try something different! This reflects the authentic you, waking up to a new way of being.


Healing techniques

Techniques to stabilise the mind, body, emotions are provided and taught during the session. You won’t be a mess when walking away.


Transformation begins when we meet. The healing energy does the work to realign your entire system. The techniques and information will introduce a new state of living and being that will enhance the energy pathways to transcend lack and limitation and manifest inner and outer abundance.


I know a lot of my blocks already; will this still work?

Knowing the blocks is great. Maybe you may have undertaken a lot of personal development which is wonderful but there comes a time when help is needed. Shifting blocks is more than changing thoughts. In fact, you have so many layers to you that go deeper than the mental, emotional body. It would be very difficult to work on this level alone.

How many sessions do I need?

You are not a project or in need of fixing, therefore the number of sessions may vary, and I do not recommend multiple sessions close to each other. Energy pathways take time to recalibrate. Based on this, I recommend three sessions within two to three months at a minimum. I also provide techniques that will enable you to assist with the calibration and grounding of positive life force.

I am afraid that I may make changes I am not ready for. How will this impact on my life and relationships?

This is a validated concern. The heart wants change, but the will and mind are strong and may not want to relinquish control in fear of just how empowered you will be.
Many fear that if they pursue a pathway aligned with what their heart’s desire is that all that is will be lost. This is true to some degree but as I have already stated, you have the capacity to manifest anything including how to transform a relationship rather than lose it, implement boundaries energetically rather than shut down physically or give in to emotional frustration. You can also take as long as you want to implement change, it is always up to you.

Where to from here?

Are You Ready for Abundance?

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Heal to Abundance

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