Flow is a state of being that allows for the steady stream of ideas, solutions and a connection to life that feels, positively exhilarating. When in a state of flow, time seems irrelevant because the consciousness is in the present while the body is effortlessly sorting tasks, like a steady stream from start to finish.

In business, flow is critical for productivity, decision making, implementing new projects, and physical de-stress. Without flow, everything appears difficult, leading to a feeling of, despondency, mild anxiety, and ‘what’s the point’ mindset and we all know what happens after that.

How do we get our flow back?

Where did flow go? Who knows, chances are that life has taken over and with-it daily stresses that have added up until eventually, the need for some time out becomes a necessity, not a luxury. However, it may be that you are sitting on a deadline, and the idea of time-out is just out of scope.

What can you do to increase flow?

Note your biorhythm – it is your cycle that governs energy, mind, emotions, and body, for example. I was born late at night, and funnily enough, this is when I work best. I receive great ideas that often compels me to be creating much more than during the day.

What affects your biorhythm- Seasons, environment- (do you prefer to live by water or forests or concrete city) time of birth, day or night, moon cycles etc.
Have some fun with getting to know your rhythm. Keep a diary for a month noting, your daily moods, behaviour and tastes. Still not sure? Humans are sentient beings; we rely on sensory information a lot more than what the brain processes and stores.

Need Flow Fast?

Taking a month to research the biorhythm may not be what you had in mind when you need help now. Here is a quick technique that has helped me out many times.

Take a few deep breaths, in through the nose and out the mouth, it must be done this way to slow down brain activity and oxygenate your body.

Ask yourself – What is blocking my flow?

Without analyzing, write down the first three words that come to you. DO NOT THINK ABOUT IT, write the first three words.

Incorporating the three words begin to write. Just let yourself go, writing what ever comes through.