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What Causes a Start-Up Business To Fail

I have met so many clients over the years who feel like giving up. They are not making the revenue to stay afloat, the stress of long hours and trying to juggle life and business is too much and eventually, they just burn out.

When I look at these businesses it is clear there are 4 common reasons why they don’t last more than 2 years:

  • You have a wonderful service, but you are the best kept secret around.
  • You have so many ideas that you are not sure which one to implement first or what will be the winning idea and so you try everything instead of mastering what is best for you and the business.
  • You have some idea of who your market is, but they are not buying.
  • You fall prey to the statistics about failure. Leading to doubt and eventually, ‘business paralysis’ – fear of taking the leap forward.

Be Prepared

Don’t Let This Be You

After years of working with clients from diverse backgrounds and locations all over the world. I have found a common link; we are all human beings with complexities that can leave us on a path of fulfilling our potential or……forever searching for happiness.

When you are beginning a business, it is essential to prepare the foundation for both, business and you.

As Leesa discovered:

Leesa is one of the many clients I have met who transitioned a deep calling from within into a pathway that fulfills her purpose.

Establishing the mechanics of what she needs to do to thrive in her busines is not difficult. Working on the core of Leesa or anyone, is where the business will be the difference between yours and someone else.

“I needed to try something different to get a new chapter in my business off the ground. I felt like any ideas in the past had come and gone without me taking action, so I needed to try something different to get a different result. I think I was hoping you would just say “What a great idea, go for it” but that
would have robbed me of the opportunity to do the emotional work needed. I was
taken by surprise by my emotional reaction to the conversation as I had only prepared myself to vulnerable about my business. I had never considered the patterns that repeated personally and professionally.”


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it's all about you

you are unique

I don’t believe in putting you or your business into a template. I have tried it myself and they don’t work.

Just because someone else had success doesn’t mean you will and that is because, you are unique, so why not bring this to the surface and voice your authenticity?

How I can help

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unique marketing edge

I bring out the “you” in your business to create a niche that no one can compete with.


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Avoid wasting time and money by activating your unique personal blueprint to business success.

Be Your own business coach

Activate your creativity to “think outside the box” to overcome any business challenges and make the right decisions.

Empower the goddess within

We all have the Goddess within, she is your intuition and source of creation with the cosmic, divine, universe. I will help you to open and receive the stream of support whenever you need it.

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