Rituals pave the way for our aspirations to manifest in harmony with the physical world.

Business is a platform to sustain creative expression and freedom of the soul while shining a light for those you want to guide, heal, bring joy and overall, improve the life of your customer. The personal satisfaction when doing what you love is priceless leaving you wanting to form a solid framework for a thriving, sustainable business.
Shifting gear from what brings joy into a viable enterprise takes a lot of self-belief, perseverance, and the confidence to keep going when things seem harsh. Life is full of challenges, but the solutions are always there.
When we begin to doubt ourselves, we let fear take over. This causes a short circuit with the alignment with why you want to be in business and the initial idea. Sure, there is the need to be mindful of the business basics, knowledge goes a long way, but nothing will replace your unique essence, the energy behind the business, that is you.

The energy intertwining and enveloping your being is inherently yours and infinitely in flow with what will propel the necessary means for your soul to soar into the physical world.

Remembering this will take you within the space of divinity. Here the magic lies, syncing the mind, emotions, and physical body with your aspirations.

Building the framework for business requires a do list that is as unique as you are, along with the means of forming and integrating the action on every level of your mind, emotion, unconscious and conscious layers of self. The best way to do this is through the power of Ritual.

Rituals are a deeply personal experience that heightens the energy between you and the divine universe. They allow you to consciously connect with the divine, providing personal reassurance in the form of self-belief, the opportunity to request validation for assistance while eliminating the external fog of confusion.

When it comes to laying the framework for business, using the power of rituals will leave you feeling more in control of your destiny, less stressed around what others are telling you and assist with challenges by increasing intuition. The result will alter the energy frequency that creates all that is, including what, who and how you attract experiences. This means in business, you can adjust your frequency to attract the ideal client, source the best help, increase confidence to be seen by many, open the eyes to opportunity and aid with the elimination of any inner blocks that may be thwarting success.

If this seems an impossible task, think about what is happening for you now with business. What are your biggest hurdles? Write them down and choose one. It may be “I need more clients”.

Formulating a powerful ritual begins with the basic needs of the individual.

Using “I need more clients” as an example. Break down who your customer is.

    • Do they share similar values?
    • Are they a particular age group?
    • Who do you really want to help?
    • What attributes do they have? An open mind and heart?
    • Do they want a specific change?

Knowing this about your customer assists with streamlining not only your ritual but who you ideally want to service.

Before the ritual takes place, it is necessary to understand the ingredients for a dynamic experience that will provide actual results.


Break down what the intention of the ritual is. It must be specific and to the point. If it is too general, the message is not direct enough for the energy to provide results.


Self-doubt creates static on the line between you and the divine. Empty yourself of emotion and mental thought. A simple technique is ground your feet with the earth and letting the energy move down the body while focus on the breath. Continue this until you are calm and free of strong thoughts.


Use your imagination to visualise what you want to bring in. Be specific, don’t let the mind wander. Remember, you are aligning your intent with the energy of creation.


A mantra is a rhymical repetition of what you want to happen and alters the vibration of your being. Think about lines of a song that you love. It stays in the head and feels good to sing. A mantra is very similar. Create your own mantra. Perhaps state your intent out loud repeatedly until you hone in on a comfortable mantra.

Sacred Space

This can be anywhere that is quiet and peaceful. A ritual is a sacred rite that is divine in nature. Be creative, add candles, shells, pictures or keep it simple. You must be at peace when performing the ritual.

Performing The Ritual

There is no time frame for how long or how often a ritual must be performed. Repetition is the key, and this may depend on what is being requested. As a general guideline, three consistent days/nights work for a ritual to become aligned with yourself and divinity. However, some practices may be longer such as seven days/nights. I recommend going by how you feel with the energy connection. There may be a subtle shift within or a surge of energy like a lightning rod expelled from the body.

The ritual itself may take minutes. Please do not undertake it for hours, and the divine universe is not keeping time.

Once you have the ingredients for your ritual, the rest flows. Keep it simple:

Sacred space – be at peace

Intent – break down what you intend for the business

Belief – clear the vessel of mind and emotions and bring through faith. You may feel this in the heart.

Vision – imagination is the key to creating. See the plan come to life.

Mantra – the sacred sound that will alter the frequency of what is now and what will be.

Alignment – take a moment to feel the effect. The body, mind and emotional self should be clear, just like a vessel has been emptied. All that will remain is the energy shift.

Close the ritual – always acknowledge that this is now completed in co-creation with yourself and the divine. Setting an intent for completion.

Repeat – Attempt to perform the ritual at the same time of day. Generally, women are drawn to the night while men, the day. This reflects the moon goddess that governs the feminine and the sun god that governs the masculine. However, you may go with what feels best.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

Pay attention to the world around you. Results may be instant or take a little longer.
Rituals can invoke; synchronicities, such as new customers finding you that fit your ideal customer ritual, meeting someone looking to joint venture, in turn, an opportunity for exposure. Hurdles miraculously solved, customers telling you they would expect to pay more – a hint from the divine.

Once you begin to undertake rituals, you will find that every aspect of business can be strengthened, including shifting challenges and finding prompt solutions. Don’t be shy with rituals for personal use. Nothing is off- limits when performing a ritual with intent. Perhaps there are inner blocks around money, relating to others, being seen, success or failure. Work with each aspect to experience a profound shift in life and business.