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you have an established business that's flat-lined. navigate away from lack and back into flow.
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You have been in business for years, Seen the highs and lows and navigated your way through all of it.

 sometimes, we just need to take five and get a little help.

When a business stagnates

Maybe Your Have a Great Business Model But…

  • Your business has grown and so have the issues
  • You are at a crossroads and not sure what to do
  • You are too in-the-business to see what’s coming
  • What worked once is no longer drawing in the clients
  • You want to branch into new areas but are unsure

the pathway forward

You Need Some Insight

After years of working with clients from diverse backgrounds and locations all over the world. I have found a common link; we are all human beings with complexities that can leave us on a path of fulfilling our potential or……forever searching for happiness.

how I can help you

Work with Kim

  • Define key strategies for success
  • Navigate existing challenges, to be, in flow once again with the creation process
  • Implement the transformation your business needs to thrive
  • Establish Trust- ready to step back and implement
  • Acknowledge the personal heart and soul that is the expertise you have, to be the Goddess of your empire

As Eleni discovered:


“I worked with Kim to explore creative options and ideas for my company. Within the first few minutes of my consultation with Kim, I was immediately at ease and eager to explore what paths my session would take.

Kim gently guides you through past decisions and choices and helps you delve into the reasons for those choices. She gently, yet intently lasers in on what makes you tick and how to utilise your strengths and natural aspirations to ensure your business reflects your true personal goals.

Expect to deep dive into your ‘why’ and surface with a clear understanding of what next steps to take. Make sure to take notes and record your sessions as later reflections will highlight even more viewpoints and ways of seeing. The sessions are explorative, enlightening, and left me feeling creative and inspired”

Eleni Mitakos

Owner - Galmatic

put the "you" back in your business

transform passion into profit

You are dedicated to helping others feel, look and be their best. You know that what you do is from the heart, it is a calling not a job.

You understand that what you offer can help many.

But… Don’t forget about yourself. All successful entrepreneurs have mentors, coaches to assist them to accelerate themselves and their business.

You don’t have to be alone!

How I can help

Let Me Help You To Receive

unique marketing edge

I bring out the “you” in your business to create a niche that no one can compete with.


Get Quick Results!

Avoid wasting time and money by activating your unique personal blueprint to business success.

Be Your own business coach

Activate your creativity to “think outside the box” to overcome any business challenges and make the right decisions.

Empower the goddess within

We all have the Goddess within, she is your intuition and source of creation with the cosmic, divine, universe. I will help you to open and receive the stream of support whenever you need it.

Where to from here?

How About We Meet For a Chat?

Fill in the, Accelerate My Biz form – simple questions that will identify where you are at in the business and what you truly want to achieve.

Within 48 hours receive an email to Book a time to receive a Zoom call where Kim will see where she can best assist you, including, Identifying core strengths and limitations.

Receive a personalized blueprint on what we can achieve with your Business.

It is up to you if you want to continue working with Kim to transform your business into a thriving success.

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